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Data management

If simulation is used consistently, this also means a never-ending flood of data and information. Dealing with this presents a special challenge to the IT department and the knowledge management in the company.

For example, if you consider the development of a device from a white sheet of paper to a product ready for sale, there are usually several design variants. Each of these design statuses is evaluated virtually. It is not unusual for the simulation department to look at other additional detail variants. Likewise, several different simulations are often necessary for the holistic evaluation. All this means that a small CAD model with a few megabytes can quickly turn into many gigabytes and a few terabytes in the entire project. Not only do these data want to be saved and archived, they also have to be evaluated and further processed. Finally, the findings should be available to the entire company.

Another, more important aspect is the need for a functioning synchronization between design and simulation. It must be ensured in the data flow of the company that an analysis can always be assigned to a unique design status.


No matter how good a simulation may be, if it is assigned to the wrong design status, the decisions based on it represent a danger to the project goals!


While large corporations can afford their own departments for data and knowledge management, smaller companies have to do the same with significantly fewer resources. A challenge that is not always easy to master.


As an independent simulation service provider, AdSimuTec GmbH offers you value-free consulting tailored to the needs of your company for handling the data generated by the simulation.


Take advantage of our experience so that you can use the knowledge you have gained, such as the find the legendary needle in the haystack even in the dark.



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