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Employee selection

The profession of an engineer is very diverse, the range of possible activities is numerous. The range of tasks extends from service engineers, who as a lone fighter around the globe try to get machines up and running again, to top managers, who manage the fortunes of a global corporation with many thousands of employees. The countless project managers, development and sales engineers are undoubtedly among the more common tasks. All of them have the same basic training and yet, despite this de facto equality, they are not easily interchangeable.

The personal abilities and inclinations are too different, but ultimately decisive. So which type fits the calculation engineer's requirements? Which human and professional qualities are compulsory, which freestyle?


If you use a heavyweight boxer as a ski jumper, you will have to watch a hard landing!


For someone who does not yet have many years of differentiated experience in the field of simulation, assessing the human and technical suitability of a calculation engineer represents a certain challenge.


AdSimuTec GmbH offers you, as an independent simulation service provider, value-free consulting tailored to the needs of your company on all questions relating to personnel selection in the field of simulation.


Take advantage of our experience so that your "Muhammad Ali" gets into the right ring!



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About us

AdSimuTec GmbH is a small, innovative engineering service provider specialized in the field of numerical simulation with FEM & CFD.

You will find us in Eastern Switzerland, more precisely in the Rhine Valley of St. Gallen. We are only a stone's throw away from Vorarlberg (Austria) and Lichtenstein on the one hand and Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria (Germany) on the other.