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Workflow management

In the aerospace and automotive industries, the embedding of numerical analysis has been an integral part of the particular development processes for a long time. In some cases, this even goes so far that project phases can only be successfully completed if a virtual prototype has mastered the necessary tests. Through this fixed definition, these companies have answered the following questions for themselves. First, when is it simulated? Secondly, what is being simulated? And third, how is it simulated? In addition, the acceptance criterion was also defined at the same time. One advantage that can be achieved is the cross-project comparability and extensive independence from the capabilities of the individual simulation experts, as everything is done according to fixed rules.


The decision as to whether simulation is necessary is followed by a decision how this should be done. Both together determine the degree of success that can be achieved.


But not only the integration of simulation into the product development process, but also the processes in a simulation itself often leave much room for improvement. With a clever workflow, the effort for individual calculations can be significantly minimized through automation, especially for recurring simulations. The costs of an additional license or new hardware are more than offset by the expected savings.


AdSimuTec GmbH offers you as an independent simulation service provider a value-free consulting service tailored to the needs of your company for all questions concerning the workflow in simulation.


Take advantage of our experience so that your workflow in development harmonizes like a good orchestra.


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AdSimuTec GmbH is a small, innovative engineering service provider specialized in the field of numerical simulation with FEM & CFD.

You will find us in Eastern Switzerland, more precisely in the Rhine Valley of St. Gallen. We are only a stone's throw away from Vorarlberg (Austria) and Lichtenstein on the one hand and Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria (Germany) on the other.