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Material fatigue

If a climber wants to reach a challenging peak, he is well advised to know exactly his individual performance. The tour's requirement to correctly assess one's own ability and the limits of one's resilience is the best prerequisite for reaching one's destination safely. The same applies when a company wants to launch a new product on the market.

What the degree of difficulty and the weather situation are for one person, the technical complexity and the market environment for the other. Just as the climber has to endure the view into the depth and still choose his next grip into the rock with determination, so are the multi-faceted technical difficulties in product development. Here, too, it is necessary to overcome doubts and make clear, prudent decisions. But all this does not help if the tour becomes too long or the nice weather gives way to a thunderstorm and the strength dwindles increasingly. Nothing else happens inside a component in the event of an overload. The atoms start to move, glide on their lattice planes, accumulate on obstacles, but at some point the last barrier is overcome and the component breaks.


Anyone who overestimates himself or his product is acting irresponsibly
to themselves and to others.


Determining the load limits of a product always involves a great deal of effort. If this is done exclusively in the classical way by testing, prototypes are first built and then subjected to an extensive fatigue test. Alternatively, a numerical prediction of material fatigue can be made in advance.

This is certainly one of the most complex topics in the field of simulation, but the benefits are considerable. In addition to time and cost savings, it is only with fatigue evaluation that the effects of complex load sequences can be made clear. How else are two construction levels to be compared if one only performs better in individual load cases but worse in others?


AdSimuTec GmbH offers you as an engineering service the prediction of material fatigue on the basis of the valid rules and regulations for fatigue strength and the use of common evaluation concepts. This includes the following areas in particular:

With our work and our expert knowledge we can make a significant contribution to the success of your product ideas and to increasing your competitiveness.


Use our experience to make sure that it's not in responsibility of your product,
if your customers don't conquer every eight-thousand-metre peak.



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