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Fatigue strength

The computational fatigue analysis with numerical simulation is based on the proven concepts of classical engineering sciences and the regulations of the relevant standards. Both the proven concepts and the standards are continuously supplemented, revised and extended by the new, constantly improving possibilities of FEM simulation.

Common standards and regulations include the FKM-Guideline for the calculatory strength verification for machine components as well as the SIA and Eurocode standards as unified regulations for design in the building industry. In addition, special industry-specific standards exist above all in the transport sector, for rail and water vehicles and in aviation. The following list shows an excerpt.

European standards and regulations


FKM-Guideline   Calculatory strength verification for machine components
SIA260   Basis of structural design
SIA261   Actions on structures
SIA263   Steel structures
Eurocode   Basis of structural design
Eurocode 1   Actions on structures
Eurocode 3   General rules and rules for buildings
Eurocode 9   Design of aluminium structures
DIN 19704   Hydraulic steel structures
DIN EN 12663   Structural requirements of railway vehicle bodies
DIN EN 13749   Method of specifying the structural requirements of bogie frames
DIN EN 15227   Crashworthiness requirements for railway vehicle bodies
DIN EN 61373   Rolling stock equipment - Shock and vibration tests


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