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Methodology development

Even the vernacular say: "If two do the same thing, it is far from being the identical". However, it is important for a company to be able to react flexibly to changing requirements such as holidays, illness or dismissal. It is therefore desirable that the differences remain small. This is the only way to distribute tasks quickly. This is achieved through processes, work instructions and employee training. This gives the project manager the identical result, regardless of who carried out the simulation.

The idea behind the slogan "Innovation through technology", with which Audi has been advertising its vehicles since 1971, can only be achieved if new, better solutions are sought. This applies in particular to simulation. If, on the other hand, the methodology is "frozen", no new findings will emerge over time. As a result, the actual product can no longer be improved in the necessary way.

Conclusion, a company needs both - firm, proven rules and at the same time freedom for lateral thinkers.


If you want to achieve more, you have to be courageous,
leave trampled paths and tread new paths.


Despite major improvements, numerical simulation will continue to reach its limits in the foreseeable future. Be it that there is still no good or suitable formulation for a certain phenomenon, be it that the calculation effort is too high or simply the software that could solve the problem is not available. In many cases it also requires a company-specific solution, since the underlying knowledge is part of the company's core competence which is not allowed to be shared.

We have been enthusiastically facing this exciting task of method development for years. From non-linear material models and precise contact algorithms to our own solver routines or special damage calculations, we can look back on a wealth of experience in this field. However, we do not limit our method development to new and improving the informative value, we also implement and automate recurring processes in order to make the simulation consistently more efficient.


AdSimuTec GmbH offers you as a engineering service the development of individual methods adapted to your workflow. This includes the following areas in any combination:

With our work and our expert knowledge we can make a significant contribution to the success of your product ideas and to increasing your competitiveness.


Enthusiastic about the idea of achieving something new and
supported by the Columbus discovered America in 1492.



AdSimuTec GmbH

Warmesberg 24, 9450 Altstätten, Switzerland

+41 79 471 1612


Mo-Fri: 7:30AM–12PM, 1–6PM

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About us

AdSimuTec GmbH is a small, innovative engineering service provider specialized in the field of numerical simulation with FEM & CFD.

You will find us in Eastern Switzerland, more precisely in the Rhine Valley of St. Gallen. We are only a stone's throw away from Vorarlberg (Austria) and Lichtenstein on the one hand and Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria (Germany) on the other.