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Nature knows no division into different fields. Everything is part of a whole and has mechanical, thermal, electrical, chemical and optical properties. Everything is in interaction.

The technical world has always been an integrated one, but it was necessary and possible for the engineer for a long time to largely separate the disciplines in engineering. Today, at a time when devices and machines are combining more and more functions, this separation can often no longer be maintained. For example, in addition to electronic signal processing, a smartphone must safely dissipate the resulting heat, even during the charging process, regardless of whether the temperature is -40°C in Canada outdoors or 70°C in a hot car. At the same time, it must withstand the bending load in the trouser pocket and the fall from a height of 1.5m without major injuries.

The properties of a product can be understood as the sum of the individual properties and their interactions.


The customer is not interested in which link is responsible for the failure.
For the customer only the fact that the chain is broken counts!


The combination of different computational disciplines into a single analysis is often referred to as multiphysics simulation or multidisciplinary simulation. With a combined simulation technique it is possible to achieve even more precise results and above all to illustrate the existing interactions and their effects. This gives the calculation engineer a much broader view of system behavior and enables him to pursue an integrated optimization strategy.


AdSimuTec GmbH offers FEM/CFD multiphysics or multidisciplinary simulations as engineering service for the following interactions. Depending on the task at hand, we select the right type of coupling between the various specialist areas for you.

With our work and our efforts we make a contribution to the success of your product ideas and to increasing your competitiveness.


Take advantage of our experience so that your products
are not only in one discipline of on top of the class.



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AdSimuTec GmbH

Warmesberg 24, 9450 Altstätten, Switzerland

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About us

AdSimuTec GmbH is a small, innovative engineering service provider specialized in the field of numerical simulation with FEM & CFD.

You will find us in Eastern Switzerland, more precisely in the Rhine Valley of St. Gallen. We are only a stone's throw away from Vorarlberg (Austria) and Lichtenstein on the one hand and Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria (Germany) on the other.