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The biggest problem of modern fishing is the so-called by-catch, the marine animals that are caught in the net and cannot or must not be used. Bycatch occurs when no selective fishing techniques exist. The ecological damage caused by this is enormous.

Numerical simulation is similar; it is not selective either. The results usually cover the whole model, even if only a few areas are really decisive and therefore of interest. At first glance, this does not cause any damage, apart from the time and space required for viewing and archiving the generated data. The greater difficulty lies in not finding the really relevant information in the large data set or presenting them not in the correct form. If this happens, damage will indeed occur, as the basis for important decisions will then only be based on a part of the results.

For the oil consumption of an internal combustion engine, for example, it is important that the deformation of the cylinder running surface is as small as possible. A Fourier analysis of the radial expansion is performed along the cylinder axis at different heights. The shift results are always available in the simulation results, but not the specific evaluation.


Without suitable techniques for the evaluation of results, important potential is wasted.
It would be as if the fisherman were sorting out the by-catch with his eyes closed.


Over the years we have acquired many techniques to deal professionally with the pitfalls of post-processing. It is therefore standard for us to systematically automate recurring evaluations and to create special evaluation routines for customer-specific requirements. Of course it is our concern to search for and compare the results with the real test results.


AdSimuTec GmbH offers you as an engineering service the evaluation and verification of calculation results in the following areas:

With our work and our expert knowledge we can make a significant contribution to the success of your product ideas and to increasing your competitiveness.


Trust us to help you tap the full potential of simulation!
Throw only the by-catch, not the catch, overboard.



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