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Multibody dynamics analysis

Multibody dynamics or multibody simulation deals with the spatial motion sequence of rigid bodies, which are related to each other through various connecting elements such as joints and bearings. Only the pure kinematics as well as the entire kinetics of a system can be investigated. Besides the analysis of the movement behaviour in the form of displacements, rotations, speeds, accelerations and contacts, the multi-body simulation also supplies the cutting forces on the individual rigid bodies as a function of time.

If the flexibility of the bodies in the system under consideration has a significant influence on the motion sequence, the greatly simplified assumption of the rigid body loses its validity. If this is the case, flexible structures can be used instead of rigid structures. Usually, additional degrees of freedom for individual bodies are determined with the help of modal reduction and integrated into the system of equations. Due to increasing computing power, a direct integration of flexible structures is increasingly used.

Multi-body simulation is predestined for coupling to other calculation models with which additional effects can be integrated. For example, the hydrodynamic bearing of a shaft, the behavior of a tire or the complete control of a machine.

Computation time / model size

For the classical consideration of pure rigid body models, the computing times are relatively short. Additional model extensions increase the numerical effort for the overall calculation process.


Multibody simulation is essential for understanding complex motion sequences. Their use in daily development practice is correspondingly widespread.


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