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Many technical devices are exposed to thermal stress, which must be mastered as a developer. In the course of evolution, not only the engineer but also nature has had to learn how to deal with the pitfalls of heat and cold.

In addition to insulating air inclusions below the bark, trees have an antifreeze consisting of sugar compounds and proteins in their cell sap, which lowers the freezing point and enables them to survive in persistent frost. Even more impressive is the human cooling system. By exploiting the evaporation heat on the bare skin, the cooling capacity has greatly increased compared to the hairy mammals. Since larger brains develop more dissipated heat, only this development made an increase in brain volume possible.

Evolution thus clearly shows that skilful thermal solutions can lead to more powerful systems.


A thermally inadequately designed product is inefficient.
Inefficient systems have difficulties to survive in the market!


The thermal FEM simulation illustrates how the temperature is distributed in individual components or entire assemblies and provides an insight into the resulting heat flows. For development, this comprehensive insight into the thermal processes means that optimization potential can be identified and exploited at an early stage in order to enable better products.


AdSimuTec GmbH offers thermal FEM simulations as engineering service in the following areas:

With our work and our expert knowledge we can make a significant contribution to the success of your product ideas and to increasing your competitiveness.


Take advantage of our experience to ensure that your products are also thermally
compatible with the most efficient and most powerful on the market.



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