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Hardware selection

A few years ago, the comparison between the purchase of a new middle or luxury class car and the purchase of a workstation for a simulation workplace was very appropriate, at least in terms of price. Even today there are parallels, but not so much in price as in the variety of models and variants.

The right hardware depends decisively on what is to be done with it. Fluid flow problems place different demands on the computer than structural mechanics; large quasistatic contact problems require the hardware differently from dynamic problems. Even one and the same task can have different hardware requirements depending on the software which is used. Reason for this, software manufacturers do not always use the same algorithms to solve the systems of equations.


If you want to pick up the new couch set at IKEA in a sleek two-seater, the mocking comments and laughs are for sure.


As long as the hardware is to be purchased for only a single software and a few use cases, the task is easy to solve, because every software manufacturer makes corresponding hardware recommendations. However, if the planned computer is to be optimized for different software and many different applications, the task can quickly become more difficult and thus time-consuming. Especially if the available budget is limited. Even when the hardware is fixed, there are a number of configuration settings to make the system faster.


AdSimuTec GmbH offers you, as an independent simulation service provider, value-free consulting tailored to the needs of your company on all questions relating to hardware for your simulation tasks.


Use our experience to transport your couch set in the appropriate vehicle.



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